Day: August 19, 2021

KBZPay Download 3.2.0

KBZ Pay, kpay, is now popular app for mobile financial service for myanmar. All of people are known KBZ Bank, it has most branches in the myanmar country. Addition services of KPay are included bill payment, online payment, topup services, other international payments and bank to bank process, etc. Next one service is payout to […]

WavePay App & Download

WavePay App Introduced by Wave Money, WavePay is a mobile wallet application that you can use with your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. It’s an application that you can simply download and self-register to start using. With WavePay application, you can cash in/out money, top up mobile, pay bills, repay loans, purchase tickets etc.   WavePay […]

OK Dollar App & Download

OK $   OK Dollar is a company that develops a mobile payment and commerce platform. It offers a full marketplace to consumers on its mobile apps, as well as allows users to do fast money transfers, get deals and payments. OK Dollar lets you do fast money transfers, get deals and payments on the […]

CB Pay App Download 1.25.3

CB Pay   About CB Bank : CB Bank is one of the largest private banks in Myanmar. CB Bank was established on 21st August 1992 with the permission of the Central Bank of Myanmar under the law of Financial Institutions of Myanmar and the Central Bank of Myanmar. CB bank always strives to offer […]

MytelPay App Download 2.15.0

MytelPay App   History Mytel is a telecom operator of myanmar. It may be setup one pay system. Mytel is develop his pay system, MytelPay. Start with used telecom members. Design and Management is mytel telcom but connect with CB Bank and KBZ Bank for banking process, cash in – our process. Mytel is a major […]

M-Pitesan App & Download

M-Pitesan   M-Pitesan is Ooredoo Mobile Money Service which is the easy and safe way to transfer and receive money, buy airtime or make payments using your mobile phone instantly, anywhere, anytime. All mobile customers can benefit from our M-Pitesan service. You must have an Ooredoo SIM to register for the service and create a […]

Citizen Pay App & Download

Citizen Pay   Citizen pay is the lifestyle application that enables digital payment. Citizen pay effortlessly combines financial and lifestyle activities, making it smarter, faster and easier to pay for everything; from daily essentials like bus tickets and bills, to ordering food and even donating to a user’s favorite charity. Citizen pay users can also […]

TrueMoney Myanmar Agent App & Download

TrueMoney Myanmar   TrueMoney Myanmar Co., Ltd. was established in November 2014 as part of the Ascend Money group. We work hand in hand with Ascend Money group and its partners to ensure that we are able to effect changes in the lives of Myanmar people.To date, we have 23,000 agents located nationwide in Myanmar. […]

MPT Pay App & Download

MPT Pay   MPT Pay is the most comfortable way to transfer money anytime, anywhere in Myanmar. The service lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phone via an MPT Pay account. All customers can use the MPT Pay service for FREE with no registration fees. With MPT Pay Account, you can […]

AYA Pay App & Download

AYA Pay AYA PAY system that is designed to bring convenience payments and money transfers into your everyday life With the Subscriber App, you can: – Top up your mobile phone with 5 networks: MPT, Mytel, 0oredo0, Telenor, Mipec – Cash in your Wallet at Agents or by verified AYA bank account – Cash-out money […]